Welcome to PH2 Industrial!

The demands of industry are both specific and unyielding. Name brands hold little weight with industrial clients, their needs are simple:

industrial thumb

  • Make a product that meets or exceeds our specifications
  • Package it according to our demands.
  • Provide a price that fits our budget.
  • Deliver the products on time, every time.
  • Keep communication honest, timely, and regular.
  • Maintain high quality standards consistently.


Powerhouse Two does this everyday, and more. At PH2, we view our role as a part of your supply chain. We understand the logistics of worldwide freight movement, whether it be by ground, air or ocean, and we know how to get the products you need where they need to be for the best possible price.

We also help our clients manage cash flow effectively by creating programs that maximize factory direct purchasing in volume, while setting up and maintaining release schedules so you are not tying up either cash or space housing excess inventory you do not need right away. Utilizing annual purchase orders and timed releases, PH2’s experts keep the flow of product steady, and stand ready to help in all cases.

PH2 also has the unique ability to create new products according to our clients needs. Unique battery chemistry challenges are no problem for PH2 and our teams of engineers from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Custom charging adapters for medical devices, new battery pack configurations, specific needs found no where else create no problems for PH2. Our team can build what you need, and get any required certifications for marketing anywhere in the world you want to take it.

If it needs power, we can help! Contact us and see why some of the largest names in business trust us everyday.