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The demands of the medical device industry are uncompromising. When patient care is on the line, critical devices absolutely must work. There is no room for failure.

PH2 understands the need for consistent quality, and reliable delivery. When you depend on essential commodity accuracy and availability, come to PH2.


Each year, PH2 provides over 2,000,000 high quality cells for critical care medical devices medical thumbon time and on budget. In fact, PH2 has supplied over 20,000,000 cells for these devices over the past 5 years, without a single reported failure!

Advanced alkaline, NiMH, NiCD, and Lithium chemistries are all part of PH2’s portfolio of products. From specially crafted custom packs to the tiniest button cell, PH2 will offer only products made to exacting standards, by certified manufacturers who meet the highest standards.


PH2 offers both standard and custom charging AC adaptors for medical devices that carry all certifications necessary for any country in the world. UL, cUL, SAA, C-TICK,CE, CB, to name a few. Our manufacturing and engineering partners can turn your specifications into quality products you can sell with confidence.

When it absolutely has to work, count on PH2!



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