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Powerhouse Two's Exclusive

Resort Remote Systems


Ask an engineer or the housekeeping department of virtually any hotel, and they will tell you that the remote controls provided for guest room televisions "get legs" and disappear daily. In fact, nearly 25% of all hotel rooms lose their remote controls every month!


Until now, engineering staff would have to look up codes and waste time programming a universal remote to replace the missing units. Sure, once the proper code is inputted, a guest can turn on and off the set, and change channels and volume mostly, but forget the settings on the TV itself. The universal remotes available can not work the menu functions, and can easily be reprogrammed inadvertently by a guest resulting in another trip to the guest room. Over and over and over.

Not any more.

With PH2's Resort Remote Systems you get full functionality, hidden menu access, and best of all, true one touch programming for any set. Period.

We have collected all of the remote codes for the top TV manufacturers in the world, and assigned these banks of codes single numbers on our Resort Remote Systems single and three function units.

Imagine, you walk into a room, turn on the TV, point the Resort Systems Remote at the TV, depress the TV button for 3 seconds, then simply hold down the single number assigned to the brand of TV, like 8 for all LG sets, the set will turn off once the proper code has been identified by the remote, and you are done!

Need to access the actual TV setup menu? No problem, insert a pen tip into the unmarked hole, and the setup menu for the set pops up, just like the factory remote.

No only that, we discourage theft by stating right on the remote "In Room Use Only". Our reports show that theft of our units is way below the standard models simply by indication that the unit will not work anywhere else. Simple and effective!

They are priced right, and in stock. Contact us for samples or for a distributor in your area!

The PH2 Clean Remote is coming! Contact your local distributor for information!